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Showing respect for yourself and the world around you

Gaia Creams’ skincare products are made of 100% raw, organic, ethical, vegan ingredients – and lots of love and compassion. This is what drives the founder Anna, who firmly believes in handcrafted skin care that is free from animal substances and cruelty.

"There are many certifications available but for us The Vegan Society’s trademark is the most important one – it gives our clients the ultimate guarantee that all our products are vegan and cruelty-free and makes us extremely proud to be a part of an amazing family of truly caring and inspiring individuals and businesses. The Vegan Society trademark is the ultimate guarantee that all our products are not only guilt-free but also GMO-free and it’s attracting more and more new Gaia Creams customers every day"

Gaia Creams extends their philosophy beyond their all-vegan products. Since 2013, they are a customer of Ecotricity, who provide them with green energy made from the wind, the sun and the sea. Similarly, Gaia Creams uses fair trade ingredients whenever possible and their glass and aluminium containers can be recycled and reused over and over again.