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Brazil & Hazel Nut Rissoles

These small and tasty croquettes would go well with a cheezy dipping sauce or guacamole – perfect for a summer...(Read more)

Carrot & Almond Spread

There's more to life than hummus! Try this on some crackers or dip some veggie sticks for a tasty snack....(Read more)

Cauliflower Cheese Soup

For an easy way to sneak more cruciferous veg into your diet, try this gorgeous soup. Serves 4


Cherry Basil Crumble Bars

This recipe is from The Great Vegan Bean Book.

It’s the beans that allow the crust to be oil-free, but...(Read more)

Cottage 'Cheese'

Just like its dairy counterpart, this vegan version is low fat and high in protein and calcium... but tastes so...(Read more)

Cream of Tomato Soup

Mmmm, the ideal comfort food for a cold, winter's day. Perfect served with homemade crusty bread.

Serves 4-6


Cucumber & Chinese Leaf with Gado-gado Sauce

Gado-Gado is a classic Far Eastern sauce that goes beautifully with the crisp freshness of cucumber and Chinese leaf. The...(Read more)

Greek Salad

Close your eyes as you eat this fresh and salty salad and picture yourself sitting on a Sun-drenched Greek island...perfect....(Read more)

Herbed Quinoa Salad

If you've never cooked with quinoa, don't be scared, it's actually really easy to prepare. This is a great recipe...(Read more)

Homemade Yoghurt

Of course you can find soya yoghurt in most supermarkets these days but we bet you never imagined it would...(Read more)

Lentil Soup

Part of the human diet since the Stone Age and one of the first crops to be domesticated, the variety...(Read more)


Basil is traditionally used as the main ingredient with pesto but this recipe also works well with spinach leaves or...(Read more)

Potato Scones

This is a great way to use up leftover potatoes. No waste here!

Serves 4


Red Pepper Courgette & ‘Bacon’ Mini-Quiche

These tasty and colourful mini-quiches make great starters for a dinner party extravaganza.



Red Wine Gravy

You can find vegan gravy granules in the shops but homemade just taste so much better. This is the ideal...(Read more)

'Sausage' Rolls

Ideal for kids' parties, a quick lunch or even a comforting dinner when served with mashed potato and loads of...(Read more)

Scrambled ‘Egg’ on Toast

A delicious start to the day, great with veganized full english breakfasts or in breakfast burritos! The possibilities are endless....(Read more)

Spinach, Smoked Tofu & Tomato Salad

Tofu is so extremely versatile. The smoked variety has a gorgeous taste and the crumbly texture goes wonderfully with the...(Read more)

Stuffed Chillies in Walnut Sauce

Can you take the heat? In reality the creamy sauce helps counter the heat from the peppers. Gorgeous served with...(Read more)

Sunflower & Mushroom Spread

Sunflower seeds are wonderfully healthy, packed with iron, vitamin E and other essential nutrients. This spread is a great way...(Read more)

Sweetcorn Chowder

This soup is decadent and creamy, yet light. Grab some chunks of baguette for dipping and you have yourself a...(Read more)

Sweet Potato Soup

Delicious as a soup but you could also try this as a curry sauce. Simply make it a bit thicker,...(Read more)

Vegan Mayonnaise

Flavour, texture, consistency … this is a dead ringer for the real thing!


Yorkshire Pudding

...because what Sunday roast would be complete without it?