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The Vegan Passport - 4th Edition (Paperback)

New and improved  - now with even more languages.

Travel the world with confidence. Be sure of getting vegan food in restaurants around the globe. Enjoy local dishes without compromising your vegan or vegetarian diet.

This multilingual vegan phrasebook is a must-have for globe-trotting vegans and vegetarians. Small enough to slip into your pocket but big enough to include the languages of over 95% of the world's population.

Compiled by George D. Roger, with the help of over 100 vegans and friends from all over the world, the third edition of this essential guide has been updated and expanded and now boasts 85 languages including Esperanto.

There are also fail-safe pictures for those situations where words just won't work. The Vegan Passport will ensure that you have no problem explaining what you do and don't eat, no matter where in the world you get to.

Bon voyage and bon appetit!

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