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Are you looking for up-to-date information regarding all things vegan?

Are you tired of reading through magazines only to find minimal vegan content?

Well, despair no more!

You can subscribe to The Vegan Society's quarterly magazine The Vegan, packed full of vegan content ranging from news, food, interviews, current issues, book reviews and of course, some fabulous and creative recipes. Read about issues as diverse as raw foods, senior nutrition, vegan celebs and vegan festivals - there's always something for everyone.

This issue is the Winter 2013 issue featuring:

  • From the CEO - A message from your CEO, Jasmijn De Boo, on the importance of collaboration.
  • Highlights - What's been happening at The Vegan Society? Your essential updates on all our recent news.
  • A New Era - SPECIAL REPORT! In November 2013, we are launching a new image for The Vegan Society.
  • Active Vegans - Your stories of vegan outreach from the last few months.
  • Vegan Sports - Highlighting and celebrating great vegan athletes from around the world. This issue: ice skating.
  • Volunteer of the Winter - Meet Bronwyn Slater, Local Contact in Cork and founder of Cork Vegans Group.
  • Grow Vegan - Quick tips for vegan gardeners from the Vegan Organic Network.
  • Letters - Have your say! Your turn to share your thoughts on a range of vegan issues.
  • Festive Recipes - Jane Hughes takes us on a journey through three opulent vegan dishes - perfect for Christmas Day!
  • Healthy Eating - How to maintain good health: important information for vegans.
  • Campaigns - World Vegan Month is here! Find out how our Vegan Pledge scheme is taking centre stage.
  • A Green Britain - Dale Vince, founder and CEO of Ecotricity, shares his vision for a vegan world.
  • Climate Chaos - A new report on climate change casts veganism in the spotlight as an important part of the solution.
  • Shop with Sarah - Knowing what to look for when you're out and about with your shopping basket.
  • Shoparound - Shop with confidence! Products registered with our trusted Vegan Trademark logo.
  • Book Reviews - We review the latest releases and offer great deals on books through our online shop.
  • Notice Board - Discover a range of products and services along with your Vegan Society Discount Card.
  • Local Contacts & Groups - All the information you need to connect with active volunteers in your area.
  • Events - Don't miss these upcoming events on the vegan calendar in the UK and globally.

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