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trademark ladyThe origin of 'vegan'

Ours is the original Vegan Society, founded by Donald Watson and six like-minded 'non-dairy vegetarians' in November 1944. They decided to form a new society and adopt a new name to describe themselves - vegan derived from VEGetariAN.

You can trust us to set the standard for vegan living. Our Vegan Trademark is an integral part of what we do. It is the most widely recognised vegan symbol in the world, authenticating not only food and drink, but also beauty products, toiletries, clothing, catering and many other services. So next time you're shopping online or in the supermarket, look for the Vegan Trademark and rest assured your purchase supports your vegan lifestyle.

To be eligible for the Vegan Trademark, all products and services undergo stringent checks to meet our high standard. The Vegan Trademark not only guarantees that products and the manufacturing processes are free from animal products, by-products and derivatives; but that they are also free from animal testing and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that include animal genes. Manufacturers and suppliers are also expected to take all reasonable steps to eliminate cross-contamination, plus have to agree to annual checks. Phew!

Entrepreneurs: boost your business with The Vegan Society

If you've worked hard to create a wonderful product that vegans worldwide will love and enjoy then don't be shy - shout it from the rooftops. By registering your product or service with the Vegan Trademark and displaying the sunflower, you'll be assuring your customers that your products agree with their ethics. You will be giving them the confidence to buy. The Vegan Trademark was introduced in 1990 and is currently displayed on over 16,000 products worldwide - and growing. Don't miss out, find out more about the Trademark process and how to register here.