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Make a difference every month (or every year) with a regular direct debit donation

At the Society we really appreciate ALL the support we receive but we have to admit, a regular donation is probably the best way to assist The Vegan Society. The ability to predict approximate donation figures gives us the confidence to plan ahead and saves administrative costs too.

This way more of your money will go towards our important work: promoting veganism at major events or allowing staff to influence policy makers at the highest levels. By making a regular donation you contribute solidly towards our work to create a fairer, kinder and more sustainable way of living for everyone.

Below are some of the ways your money is spent. Take a look at the list and smile, as your support is proving very effective!

  • £1 pays for 100 leaflets to be printed - better than buying a vegan chocolate bar, wouldn't you say?
  • £5 sponsors a Vegan Pledger for one month - so you'll really be helping someone directly.
  • £10 pays for 18 copies of The Vegan magazine to be printed - just think of how many people you'll be stimulating!
  • £25 pays for 85 copies of our DVD Making The Connection to be produced.
  • £50 pays for education resources for Key Stages 3 & 4 - just think of all those little faces eagerly learning about veganism!
  • £100 pays for attending a Westminster event to influence policy - powerful stuff, hey?
  • £150 pays for a small grant to a local vegan outreach initiative - you'll be empowering a community in the UK to engage local people to think about veganism.
  • £250 pays for the production of a film like the Meat and Two Veg video
  • £500 will pay for the 2014 Volunteer Award ceremony  - we think it's really important to thank our hard-working volunteers, and you will be helping us do so.
  • £1,000 almost fully pays for trade event stall to promote the Vegan Trademark - a superb thing to smile about, knowing you've helped us engage with thousands of people.

If you want to help us continue this vital work, please consider a regular donation by direct debit. You can set this up right away on our JustGiving page, or by completing and returning our application form.

All the normal direct debit safeguards and guarantees apply. You have the right to cancel a direct debit instruction at any time simply by contacting your bank or building society. It is also very helpful if you let us know at the same time.

We know times are tough so we really cannot express just how grateful we are to all of our generous supporters - you're helping us make a massive difference so a great big thank you and a virtual hug goes out to every one of you!