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Celebrate special occasions while raising money for our vital work (because you likely have enough socks!)

We all have those hard-to-buy-for types; the ones who have everything, who are miles away or who announce their birthday last minute. Sound familiar? Don't panic, by donating to The Vegan Society you'll be giving your loved one a very unusual gift, and you'll feel good too.

Also, if it's your birthday, anniversary or wedding, why not ask friends and family to make a donation to The Vegan Society instead of - or as well as - buying you a gift? It's a simple, personal way to raise awareness of veganism while also raising funds - and it spares your loved ones trying to figure out what to get you. Win-win!

If you're celebrating and donating to The Vegan Society, we'd love to see pictures of your special day on our Facebook page. To make a donation in celebration, please contact us by email or by calling 0121 523 1737.

"This Autumn we're getting married and what better way to celebrate our new vegan life together than by honouring our special day with a donation to help The Vegan Society continue its work. Our guests are donating in celebration of our big day. How many people can say their wedding helped change the world?"

"Last Christmas, I asked my family to donate to The Vegan Society instead of buying me presents because I want veganism to become a desirable lifestyle and I believe the Society is making leaps and bounds in this direction"