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Spreading the word

One of The Vegan Society’s foremost goals is to introduce veganism to a wider audience. There's no better way to do this than to engage members of the public who've never heard of veganism before. We are keen to support outreach efforts strongly focussed on reaching and attracting new audiences.

How we do it

We concentrate our efforts on engagement activities that raise awareness of plant-based lifestyles, while also sharing with the public a positive, happy experience of veganism. No negative stereotypes here please! 

Whatever the activity – hands-on workshops, interactive talks, debates, discussions, articles, festivals – we will provide information, advice and resources (including small financial grants) to help Vegan Society members share their lifestyle and passion with public audiences. We want to help you develop the skills to communicate your excitement about veganism and thereby engage a new, wider range of people.

Tell me more

Do you have an original and brilliant idea for promoting veganism? Are you eager to reach out to new audiences and share with them the excitement of being vegan? Our grants programme can help you do that. We merely stipulate activities are carried out on a not-for-profit basis and that they're in line with The Vegan Society’s charitable 'Aims and objectives'. Also, your efforts should not duplicate work The Vegan Society or similar organisations are already doing.

Successful proposals will incorporate the following criteria:

  • Resilience (ie. a long-term plan)
  • Measurable goals
  • Future sustainability (ie. not continually relying on grant money)
  • Low or positive environmental impact
  • A method to measure outcomes over a three month period at the very least.


If you’re interested, we’d love to hear your ideas! Yet before submitting a proposal, please remember:

  • The amount of money requested should be appropriate to the proposal
  • Your proposal needs to meet the above criteria
  • We welcome a variety of applications, yet particularly from those addressing difficult challenges.

The maximum single grant available is £500 and in most cases the amount awarded is around £200.

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Helpful resources 

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Photographing your event
Working with the media
Evaluating your event
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