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Could you be the face of The Vegan Society?

Local and Group Contacts are amongst our most visible volunteer roles. See the list of Local & Group Contacts here. Local Contact opportunities exist across The British Isles. Some of the exciting benefits of being a Contact include:

  • increased visibility allowing you to promote your events via The Vegan Society (online and in our magazine)
  • 30% discount on selected Vegan Society merchandise
  • the opportunity to review (and keep!) Vegan Trademark products for The Vegan magazine
  • the chance to network with other Contacts eg. through our supportive Local Contacts Facebook group
  • the knowledge that you’re performing a valued role helping The Vegan Society reach even more people.

What our Contacts get up to:

  • support vegans who have questions or need advice
  • improve the public perception of veganism by taking part in positive vegan outreach
  • talk to the media
  • network with local vegans, establishing new groups
  • co-ordinate and operate outreach stalls
  • organise local outreach events
  • promote the work of The Vegan Society
  • come up with orginal approaches to promoting veganism

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Note: because Contacts act as advocates for The Vegan Society, we ask that all contacts are Society members. If you are a member and would like to become a Local or Group Contact, please email us for more information and an application form.

See the full list of Local & Group Contacts here.