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Stand out from the crowd

The days are long gone when simply earning a good degree guaranteed a great job. Today competition is fierce and it's important to stand out from the crowd. Gaining relevant experience in the charity sector is an excellent way to do just that, both for undergraduate students and graduates - and it's lots of fun.

There are limited placement opportunities for students and recent graduates at The Vegan Society's Birmingham (UK) headquarters. We're aware students have numerous study commitments, therefore we're happy to tailor the placement to suit your needs.

The benefits

Aside from the satisfaction of working towards a cause you love, completing a placement at The Vegan Society will:

• add value and contribute towards your career goals

• provide relevant and varied work experience to adorn your CV

• contribute directly to the operations of The Vegan Society


To find out more about available opportunities for students and graduates, email us with your CV and a brief cover letter explaining what kind of placement you are hoping to complete, and why you would like to volunteer with The Vegan Society.