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Vegan skincare products you may have seen in the movies 

Boris Zatezic, founder of MuLondon, started making his own products based on natural alternatives, packed with healing herbal extracts and pure essential oils. Today his entire range is registered with The Vegan Society because according to Boris:

"Vegans are some of the most dedicated and loyal customers around. When they find something they love and trust, they stick with it. I’ve had amazing responses from happy vegans, bloggers, magazines, YouTubers and re-sellers all over the world, who are happy when they see the Vegan Trademark on MuLondon products"

MuLondon products are very popular with make-up artists around the world. They have been used on the sets of many Hollywood blockbusters, including Clash of the Titans, X-Men: First Class and Ridley Scott's film Prometheus.

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