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Rose Brown's ethical vision for a successful beauty business

PHB stands for 'Pure Health & Beauty', and PHB Ethical Beauty's entire collection of skincare, bodycare, haircare, cosmetics and men’s products is registered with the Vegan Trademark. According to owner and entrepreneur Rose Brown:

"Even non-vegan customers have a huge amount of respect for The Vegan Society and are really pleased to see the well-recognised symbol on our products."

"It has also helped us forge business partnerships further afield in Brunei, Mauritius, The Netherlands, Austria and Italy. Our sales have increased as well. Many people seek us out specifically because we sell make-up that is certified vegan by the Society."

PHB Ethical Beauty, launched in 2011, has dedicated stores in Birmingham and Cheltenham. New products are continually being released, including wonderful new therapy balms and oils.

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