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What's the difference between eco membership and membership?

The difference is the format you receive our quarterly magazine. Both types of memberships have access to the eco (electronic) version, available in your account area, but memberships in addition receive the printed editions of The Vegan.

Both memberships receive a printed membership card and are considered full members of The Vegan Society.

New memberships receive a welcome pack which includes leaflets and the latest printed edition of The Vegan. Eco members do not receive this.

Eco memberships start from £2 a month and the memberships start from £3 a month.

As well as the magazine, eco members and members receive:

  • 120+ discounts including 10% off at Holland & Barrett and 10% off Veg1
  • Exclusive account area
  • Dietitian corner
  • Members' voices
  • Podcast extra
  • Access to The Vegan archive
  • Updates and competitions
  • A chance to shape the society
Eco membership starts at £2 a month. Membership starts at £3 a month. Members receive a printed edition of The Vegan magazine and a welcome pack.

Choose how much you want to pay

Some of our members choose to support us further, by increasing the membership fee. How much would you like to contribute?

If you are having trouble completing this form, email membership[at]vegansociety[dot]com or call 0121 523 1730 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

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