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Please note that we are not accepting applications to the Engaging New Audiences grants programme at this time. If you have already made an application then this will be reviewed at the next panel. Due to the impacts of Covid-19 there is no set date for this panel, but please check this web page for updates.

Grant application form

From a Charity Commission perspective, organisations like The Vegan Society must have a mechanism in place to ensure charitable money is put to good use. This includes money awarded for grants. We need to know that the activities funded from our grant scheme complement the larger aims and important work that The Vegan Society does.

Before you apply we suggest you check out our page on engaging new audiences for more information and helpful advice.

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You will need to register an account with us in order to fill out the form. This helps us keep track of your grant application.

Please read the guidelines before you complete this form. Please note that grants awarded will be no more than £500 and all projects must be completed within 12 months of receiving the award.

For the questions where you describe your project short, concise answers in the form of bullet point are best.

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