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The Vegan Society will be attending some of the major political party conferences this Autumn. We will be hosting and attending a variety of events in order to promote our policy work. This year our work will be focused around the role of a plant-based agricultural system in helping to tackle the climate emergency. See all of our planned activities below.


Liberal Democrats:

Fringe event on Monday 16 September at 18:15 - 19:30, Royal Bath Hotel, Mezzanine Suite, Bournemouth (vegan food and drink refreshments provided)

Can repurposing land help to solve the climate emergency and enhance biodiversity (Green Liberal Democrats in association with The Vegan Society)

Speakers: Dr Helen Harwatt (Harvard University), with Q&A panel including Lucy Bjorck (Senior Policy Advisor, RSPB), Mark Banahan (The Vegan Society), Alistair Carmichael MP and Phil Bennion MEP

The event is centred around a presentation from Helen Harwatt on her research modelling scenarios that mitigate climate change through reforestation of pasture land. This will then be followed by some points on biodiversity implications from Lucy Bjork and finally a panel discussion with all of the speakers.


Fringe event on Sunday 22 September at 12:45 - 14:00, Hotel du Vin, The Dome Room, Brighton (vegan food and drink refreshments provided)

Labour's Menu For Change: The Role of Food In Tackling The Climate Emergency (SERA in association with The Vegan Society)

Speakers: Darren Jones MP (Chair), Sue Hayman MP, Louise Davies (The Vegan Society), Ben Reynolds (Chief Executive, Sustain), Dr Helen Harwatt (Animal Law & Policy Fellow, Harvard University)

Questions for discussion at the event:

●        How will the country’s agricultural system need to change to meet the commitments in the Paris Agreement and pathway in the Committee on Climate Change’s 2019 report?

●        How do we win the broadest coalition for change - can politicians tell the public what they can and cannot eat?

●        How do we produce sustainable food alongside increasing biodiversity across the countryside?

●        What practically and politically workable policies could help us move towards more sustainable diets and address health conditions costing the NHS billions?

●        What changes are required for land-use to move towards a more sustainable use of finite land?

●        With half of all food thrown away, how do we tackle food waste?


Exhibition stand throughout conference from Saturday 21 - Wednesday 25 September on land use and the climate emergency. If you are attending the conference come and visit our stall to find out how transitioning to a more plant-based agricultural system would benefit the environment, public health and animals.


We will be available and meeting conference attendees, daily during the conference between 12:30 - 13:30 in the Manchester Central Library cafe (near the conference venue). If you would like to meet with us during this time, please come along and find us!


Fringe event on Saturday 5 October at 15:00, ICC Wales, Newport

Plant proteins: crops and trees - how British Farming could play a vital part in tackling the Climate Emergency (The Vegan Society and Greens for Animal Protection)

Speakers: Karen Varga (Chair, Greens for Animal Protection), Louise Davies (The Vegan Society), Oliver Dowding (Green Party), Dr Helen Harwatt (Harvard University) & Molly Scott-Cato MEP

The Green Party has committed to actively promote an immediate transition from diets dominated by meat and other animal products to increasingly plant-based diets, and accepts that we need reformed approaches to farming. This fringe will consider how repurposing land can help to solve the climate emergency and enhance biodiversity; the opportunities and challenges that farmers will face in undertaking this transition; and what policies can support a transformation of our food and farming system


Exhibition stand throughout conference from Friday 4 - Sunday 6 October

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