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Luiz Gustavo Silva Souza, Vegan Society Researcher Network
Kingston University (London)

Senior lecturer in social psychology at Kingston University (London)

I conduct research in the field of social psychology. I am one of the authors of the report ‘Perceptions about Veganism’, published by The Vegan Society and The Ecologist. The report describes a qualitative analysis of attitudes and beliefs of vegans and non-vegans about veganism. I have published the paper ‘Animal rights, environment, or health? Effects of argument type and dissonance on the attitudes toward the consumption of animals’. This study indicated that animal rights arguments are more powerful than environmental or health arguments in generating dissonance and attitude change among meat-eaters. I have experience both with qualitative (participant observation, interviews, action-research, thematic and phenomenological analysis) and quantitative (survey, mediation analysis) approaches.

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