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At The Vegan Society we are lucky to have help from many volunteers no matter where they live, who have specific and specialised skills to help us with our ongoing work and with projects we run. We try and match skills to needs and needs to skills, to make the use of time as relevant and helpful as possible. There are a range of skills we have a need for, please read below for more detail.

Graphic Design.

The vast majority of the work we produce looks as good as it does thanks to our work with graphic designers. Occasionally we do need to rely on volunteer help, which is over seen by Adam Duncan, our Web and Digital Marketing Officer. The design work is often logos, or images to go along with work we’ve produced to make it look snazzy. If you have the experience and software to do this kind of work, and you’d like to volunteer your time to work with us, please let us know via the web form.

Video Editing.

We are producing more and more visual content for our website and social media channels. This allows us to spread our message to more people and in a wider range of ways. To make this happen, we need help from people who can make content look great, and potentially generate content for us. If you think you could help us, please fill in the application form and let us know what software you’re comfortable with!


Events are always happening up and down the country, and having photos means we can publicise the work we’re doing, and show the progress being made in vegan communities. Having skilled photographers on the ground around the country allows us to get this visual content whilst reducing our carbon footprint, Sound good? Sign up through our form!


As we continue to expand to reach more vegans around the world, having the skills on board to make sure we can communicate our messages to as wide a reach of people as possible become invaluable. If you have conversational or fluent skills in any language, please fill in the form here.

Science/Laboratory Work.

Our work is more and more leaning on knowledge of processes and technicalities. As technology moves forward, and vegan food and practises become more mainstream, we need to be staying on top of the new developments and jargon that comes up, If you have any background in science or lab settings, your knowledge could be invaluable to us. To sign up to help us with this, apply here.


Our advocacy team works to help vulnerable vegans, and vegans who are in difficult situations. They help people across the country, and as the vegan community grows, we want to empower people to feel confident in living their lives as authentically as possible. To help us with this, anyone who has any experience in human rights or advocacy would be greatly appreciated to help us write guidance, and potentially give specific advice. The following areas of experience are key for us, but anything related would also be helpful: liaising with local authorities, schools, trusts, etc, victim support training, employment law, and any medical specialist. Having a BDS would be ideal, but we can acquire them should the need arise. Apply here.