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If you are a recent graduate who wants to learn more about the charity sector, or you’re looking at a potential career change, or even if you are a student at college or university and you’re looking to get more experience , our work placements could be for you! The Vegan Society wants to provide options within the charity sector to meet the variety of needs people have when exploring the world of work. We offer placements in either our Communications Department, or our Campaigns Policy and Research (CPR) Department.

Communications Work Placements

Placements in the Communications Department can run for either a period of two weeks for Editorial Placements within the Communications team, or 4-8/12 weeks for longer full-time placements which aim to meet your specific needs. But as with all our volunteer roles, we are flexible and can work with you requirements.

Placements in this department cover a range of tasks and activities, including basic office admin, writing and proof reading content, or updating our website and social media. We also have opportunities for graphic design, if you are skilled in that particular area. The placements can often involve work with other departments as well, depending on your skills and interests. We will always arrange to speak with you before your placement starts to make sure all the arrangements work for you.

Campaigns, Policy, and Research Work Placements

Placements with our Campaigns, Policy and Research (CPR) team run between 4 and 8 weeks. The work of CPR involves devising campaigns that increase the positive profile of veganism, bringing new people to a vegan lifestyle and encouraging business, institution and policy change to better serve vegans. This work is underpinned by robust research and evidence, and the placement will involve a range of activities to support this busy team. Depending on the time of year, the placement could include issuing emails to MPs, organising promotional packs, research, or updating databases. You will be provided with at least one hour per week training from members of the CPR team. To read more, please refer to this document.

How to apply

We have limited capacity to take on placements, so please do give us at least 6 weeks’ notice if you’d like to have a placement with us so we can make sure everything is ready for you. To apply for a placement, please email volunteer[at]vegansociety[dot]com with the subject line “Work Placement Application”, attaching your CV, and a brief cover letter, including the information below:

  • Which department you would like to do your placement in 
  • How long you would like your placement to be
  • Required or preferred dates for your placement
  • Any requirements from your school/college/university (if applicable)
  • Details of what you are hoping to gain
  • What area you are looking to build skills and knowledge in
  • Why you would like your placement to be with The Vegan Society in particular

As with all our volunteering, we can cover daily travel expenses and lunch expenses, up to £20 per week.