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Volunteer with The Vegan Society

Want to know how you can become more involved with The Vegan Society? Watch the video and browse through the links below to discover the many different ways you can volunteer, ranging from actively involved roles to ones you can carry out from the comfort of your home.


Our offices are based in Birmingham UK, and we have a number of regular positions in house that we need help with! Our regular volunteers work on specific projects with us, and tend to come in weekly. To apply, fill in the form here. If your timetable is more changeable, consider signing up to be an ad hoc volunteer!

As well as regular office volunteers, we also have ad hoc office volunteers. Things can get really busy around here, and new one-off projects and activities can and do come up, which is when we need extra hands on deck to keep everything running smoothly! If you’re based in Birmingham UK and want to be contacted about one off/temporary volunteering opportunities, please fill in the application form and we’ll be in touch if and when anything comes up.

We go to events all over the country, some with staff and some with our events volunteers. If you’d like to register your interest in helping us attend events in your area, please fill in this form, and we’ll be in touch when we have events coming up.

Sometimes we need specific help with things like video editing, translating, graphic design, photography, illustration or even professional advice. If you have a specialised skill or are experienced in a field that you think we might need help in, then head to our dedicated web page where we go into more detail.

The Vegan Society Advisory Group consists of Advisory Committees specialising in a variety of areas. The voluntary members of these committees are professionals who provide overall strategic advice to the society's council and senior management.To read more, please go to our dedicated web page where we go into more detail.

We offer several different placements within our departments, each covering a range of tasks and project-work and often involving some crossover between teams. We can offer placements from 2 weeks up to several months depending on the placement type and your needs. To read more, and find out how to apply, please visit the dedicated web page.

We’re building a network of committed vegans across the country who are willing and able to campaign on our behalf. The Vegan Society are organising various campaigns to increase awareness of the important work we do, including the benefits of veganism, and to influence decision makers to adopt vegan friendly policies. We need the support of active members to spread our messages far and wide and reach as many people as possible. To read more, visit here.

Our local contacts are amongst the most visible of our volunteers, supporting local vegans who have questions, or who need advice, and organising and partaking in local outreach. To be a Local Contact you need to have been a member for 6 months, as Local Contacts act as advocates. If you are a member and wish to apply, visit your member only resource area to download the forms and read how to apply.