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Our specialist volunteers provide The Vegan Society with a dizzying range of skills that enable us to pull off huge projects with the resources we have. The output of specialist volunteers has supported a massively successful VeGuide launch campaign, stunning banners on short notice, and a bank of knowledge about pharmacy, to name a few. Based across the world, specialist volunteering can be done from wherever you are, and only requires that you have the availability stated for each role or project.

There are two ways specialist volunteers can engage with our work. Firstly, we have banks of people who have expertise in a range of key skills. These include research, nutrition, graphic design, photography, and even legal expertise. Secondly, we have specific projects that come up that you can get involved in. We’ll keep publishing details of any new projects that come up both on our newsletter, and here on our webpages.

Recruit for these roles in currently closed, however watch this space as recruitment may re-open depending on our requirements. 

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