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The Vegan Society Trademark and Green Wallet Announce Partnership

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» The Vegan Society Trademark and Green Wallet Announce Partnership

The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark and sustainable online payments platform and marketplace Green Wallet have joined forces to help Vegan Trademark Holders deliver even greater impact for environmental good and to tackle climate change.

Green Wallet’s mission is to empower consumers to vote with their wallets for a greener future. Its platform enables consumers to shop more conscientiously every day through an online marketplace of sustainable products, an eWallet for making and managing payments and purchases, and Green Wallet Payments which processes card payments for online merchants. Green Wallet plants a tree for every transaction made via the marketplace or processed via Green Wallet Payments.

The Vegan Trademark has been assuring people that certain products are free from animal ingredients since 1990. Registration with the trademark gives brands the confidence to shout about their vegan credentials. Vegan Trademark holders go through a rigorous verification process to ensure products are eligible to carry the trademark, providing peace of mind for consumers who want to purchase vegan products.

In collaboration with Green Wallet, the Vegan Trademark is now offering trademark holders the ability to introduce Green Wallet Payments into their e-Commerce operations, and to onboard their products quickly and easily to the Green Wallet marketplace. This not only results in trees being planted for every online transaction, but cost savings and greater visibility for every trademark partner that signs up.

To maximise impact and make the process as quick and as simple as possible, the trademark is communicating the program to trademark holders through a digital briefing guide, while Green Wallet has created a purpose-built partner onboarding page. This allows trademark holders to identify themselves as such, and be fast tracked onto the payments platform and marketplace.

One notable introduction to the Green Wallet platform is VEG 1, The Vegan Society’s own product line of vegan supplements, which is being onboarded to the Green Wallet marketplace in summer 2022.

Sheridan Rudge, Business Development Partnership Manager for The Vegan Society, said: “The Vegan Trademark is always looking for ways to better support and promote our trademark holders, and Green Wallet offers a combination of impact, reduced costs and increased visibility for our community. We’re excited to get started!”

Bashir Khairy, CEO of Green Wallet, added: “I’ve taken a keen interest in The Vegan Society and the important work they do in registering and assuring products for millions of vegans like me. Launching this partnership with the Vegan Trademark is an exciting moment for Green Wallet in sharing our message and planting more trees to tackle climate change, and an exciting moment for me personally in working with this highly respected charitable organisation.”

Head to the Green Wallet website to learn more about their sustainable online payment platform and to register products with The Vegan Trademark visit The Vegan Trademark | Trusted Vegan Labelling | Business (

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