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Trademark holders get boost from new collaboration with Artos

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» Trademark holders get boost from new collaboration with Artos

Smaller brands and independent businesses with food and drink products registered with The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark will benefit from a new collaboration with Artos.

Described as a dating app for brands, Artos is a marketplace that works to match ethical brands, from organic vegan burgers to sustainable gin, with premium buyers.

From today (29 June), Trademark holders within the food and drink sector can use Artos to reduce the cost and complexity of B2B trade deals. As well as being able to source new and relevant buyers that are specifically looking for high-quality sustainable, organic, or vegan food and drink brands, Artos users also benefit from a simpler trade process, meaning deals will be completed in minutes rather than days. The platform is free to use, with a small transaction fee taken when a deal is completed.

Artos allows brands to get discovered and grow more quickly, while buyers gain access to the best ethical brands and close deals faster. It has experienced rapid growth in the UK, Europe and North America as it seeks to build a more sustainable world of food and drink. Meanwhile, the Vegan Trademark is the oldest and original vegan verification scheme, managed by a team of vegan experts to provide brands and consumers alike confidence in their purchasing decisions.

Annika Monari, Chief Executive Officer at Artos, said of the partnership: “We couldn’t be happier to partner with the Vegan Trademark. This collaboration will help make the discovery and financing of deals easier and more accessible for Vegan Trademark holders in the food and drink industry. At Artos, our goal is to build a more sustainable world of food and drink –partnering with a universally trusted brand like The Vegan Trademark takes us a step closer to achieving this.”

Steve Hamon, Head of Business Development at The Vegan Society, added: “We’re very excited to be working with Artos to further support our Trademark holders within the Food and Drink industry. It is important to us to help our Trademark holders grow and collaborating with innovative brands like Artos allows us to do just that. “

On top of the partnership, the Vegan Trademark team will introduce both current Trademark holders, and future applicants, to Artos. Artos will also promote the benefits of the Vegan Trademark and encourage their existing clientele to register.

You can find out more about registering your product with the Vegan Trademark by visiting The Vegan Trademark | The Vegan Society.

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