Vegan Trademark hits 30,000 registered cosmetics

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» Vegan Trademark hits 30,000 registered cosmetics

The Vegan Trademark surpasses another milestone as they register their 30,000th vegan cosmetic product.  

The number was hit as LUSH, who have been certifying products with the Vegan Trademark since 2006, registered their “After” Magnesium Massage Bar.

The Vegan Society first introduced the Vegan Trademark in 1990 and it has since become a respected standard for vegan products, widely recognised by consumers. Beginning in the food sector, the Trademark has expanded to include drinks, fashion, household items and cosmetics, registering its first beauty brand, Ultra Glow Cosmetics in 2005.

Interest in the vegan beauty market has continued to grow, with MarketGlass predicting that the global vegan cosmetics industry will be worth a staggering $21.4 billion by 2027. Of the more than 65,000 products now registered with the Vegan Trademark, the cosmetics and toiletries category dominates making up 45% of all registrations.

When purchasing from beauty brands, it can be difficult to establish whether a product is vegan as many commonly used animal-derived ingredients aren’t widely known to the public. In their Vegan Beauty Takeover report, the Vegan Society explains:

“Animals such as cows, beavers, fish, sheep and sperm whales are often exploited to create ingredients for cosmetics and toiletries. Unfamiliar terminology on product packaging means customers are frequently unaware that they are purchasing something with animal-derived ingredients. Sadly, this lack of awareness fuels cruel practices.”

The Vegan Trademark’s rigorous standards not only ensure that there are no animal-based ingredients in a product, but also that its ingredients have not been tested on animals, making it easier for consumers to make informed decisions when purchasing beauty products.

Charis Collier, Brand Marketing Officer at The Vegan Society, says “Registering the 30,000th cosmetic has been a huge milestone for the Vegan Trademark - it’s been fantastic to see the vegan cosmetics market continue to grow over the years and to be a part of making this more accessible to consumers.   

It’s wonderful that this milestone has been passed with LUSH, a longstanding Vegan Trademark client who we’ve been working with for over 15 years. We’re proud to work with a company who have made their campaign and policy against animal testing such an integral part of their brand as well as continuing to shift to what is now a 95% vegan product range.” 

To find out more about registering your products with the Vegan Trademark, please visit The Vegan Trademark | The Vegan Society. For further information on vegan cosmetics, you can read the Vegan Society’s whitepaper, Unlock the Vegan Beauty Market or their latest vegan cosmetics report, Vegan Beauty Takeover USA Edition.

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