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Commonly used medicines

For your convenience, we have listed some examples of common medicines that appear to contain no animal ingredients, including painkillers, treatments for coughs and colds and indigestion remedies. Some of the products below are available over the counter, and some of them are prescription only medicines.

Pharmaceutical companies regularly change the contents of their products so it is prudent to check with the company to ensure that they are still free from animal ingredients. This blog written by a pharmacist provides more information about assessing the suitability of medications.

Pain Relief


  • Aspro Clear
  • Aspro Clear Maximum Strength
  • Co-Codamol Effervescent
  • Paracodol Tablets

Chefaro UK Ltd.

  • Veganin


  • Panadol Actifast
  • Panadol Actifast Soluble Tablets
  • Panadol Extra
  • Panadol Extra Soluble
  • Panadol Original 
  • Solpadeine Headache Soluble Tablets
  • Solpadeine Plus Soluble
  • Solpadeine Plus Tablets
  • Solpadeine Max Soluble 

McNeil Healthcare

  • Calpol Infant Suspension
  • Calpol Sugar Free Infant Suspension
  • Calpol Sugar Free Colour Free Oral Suspension
  • Calpol Six Plus Suspension
  • Calpol Six Plus Sugar-Free Suspension
  • Calpol Six Plus Fast Melts

Relief for coughs and colds

Chefaro UK Ltd.

  • Buttercup Syrup


  • Beechams Flu Plus Caplets
  • Beechams Flu-Plus Hot Berry Fruits
  • Beechams Flu-Plus Hot Lemon
  • Beechams Cold and Flu Hot Blackcurrant
  • Beechams Cold and Flu Hot Lemon
  • Beechams Max Strength Sore Throat Relief Blackberry Lozenges
  • Day Nurse Liquid
  • Night Nurse Liquid


  • Olbas Oil
  • Olbas For Children
  • Olbas Inhaler 


Bayer Products

  • Alka Seltzer: Original and XS


  • Original Andrews Salts
  • Phillips’ Milk of Magnesia 
  • Setlers Antacid
  • Tums

Reckitt Benckiser

  • Gaviscon – All Products



Latex condoms may contain the milk protein casein. Some also contain milk powder. However the following appear to be free from animal ingredients:

  • Boots: Own brand: All
  • Condomi: All
  • Durex: Non-latex condoms - Avanti, Real Feel, Fetherlite Ultra and Deluxe
  • Glyde Health: Latex Condoms; Sheer Glyde Dams
  • Lifestyles: All
  • Mates SKYN: All
  • ONE: All except ONE Zero
  • Pasante: All latex condoms
  • Safex: All
  • Sir Richard’s Condom Company: All
  • Tesco: Sequre range: All

Oral Contraceptives

All of these appear to contain hormones, lactose, or both. Hormones are often derived from animals. Remember that if this is the contraceptive that works for you, you are not obliged to switch to an animal-free version. 

Contraceptive Patches

  • Janssen-Cilag: Evra contraceptive patches contain no animal-derived products.

Contraceptive Injection

  • Bayer: Noristerat contains no animal-derived products.
  • Pfizer: Depo. Provera injection contains no animal-derived products.


Most IUDs contain hormones, but there is however an IUD made with copper and no hormones.



  • Teva: manufacture tablets that do not contain animal ingredients

Important note: This page is not endorsing the use of the products listed here. Please seek advice about medications from doctors, pharmacists or prescribing health professionals. Unless otherwise stated, these products are not registered with The Vegan Society. The information was supplied by the manufacturers, who may change the ingredients without informing us and/or may be incorrect about whether their products are vegan-friendly. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that they are all still free from animal substances. Please get in touch and inform us of any errors or omissions via web[at]vegansociety[dot]com.

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