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Intelligent, thought-provoking films can be very effective in opening people's minds to veganism.

Love the Life - Benjamin Zephaniah 

The Vegan Society joined forces with Benjamin Zephaniah to create a music video for his track, Love the Life. The video is a celebration of how far the vegan movement has come. Our aim was also to showcase the diversity of the vegan community and to challenge any lingering stereotypes. 

Plate Up for the Planet

Our Plate Up for the Planet campaign asks people to think differently about what they eat and try a vegan diet for seven days. This animation shows the negative impact that meat and dairy has on the planet - from greenhouse emissions to Amazon destruction - and asks people to change what they put on their plate.

The Vegan Society at Party Conferences 

Our campaigns and policy team aim to get vegan friendly policies into government. As well as producing briefings and organising events, we get face to face with politicians at the annual party conferences. In 2017 we launched our new Grow Green report and spoke to many policy makers and politicians about the benefits of plant protein agriculture.

Climate change and meat consumption: what's the link?

The Vegan Society partnered with the 2013 Cheltenham Science Festival to facilitate an exciting discussion between Professor Tim Lang, Dr Tara Garnett and Dr Richard Twine (of our Research Committee) about the effects of the dairy and meat industries on climate change. Find out why more and more people are reducing their meat consumption. 

Do you want to make history?

“Ever heard a passionate, well-constructed, intelligent argument; but then disagreed with it anyway? That's exactly my dilemma after watching this powerful ad. I'm on the fence, which is super uncomfortable. Where are you?” asked international journalist, Femi Oke, when introducing this short film on Upworthy. Within 24 hours the post went viral and to date hundreds of thousands of people have seen our powerful, visual message on social justice and veganism. Over the course of two hundred years humanity managed to put an end to human slavery. Today we have another opportunity to make history. 

Making the Connection

A healthy, fun, modern lifestyle AND a fair, sustainable, compassionate lifestyle - yes, it is possible to enjoy both. This half hour film in eight parts explores a lifestyle that includes delicious, healthy food while tackling many of the ethical and global challenges of today. The film features a dietitian, an MP, chefs, farmers, an elite athlete, environmental groups and a world-renowned poet. It explains how becoming vegan is good for your health, good for the environment, good for all animals and can help feed a growing world population. Available with subtitles in many languages including Catalonian, Chinese, Czech, Indonesian, French, Hungarian, Slovenian and Spanish. 

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