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Vegan Food Gifts by Joni Marie Newman (Paperback)

Everybody Deserves A Present!

Impress your family, friends, neighbours, guests - anyone! - with homemade vegan gifts that you can feel good about and others will adore. From mouth-watering vegan baked goods you can create, package, and label yourself, to DIY gift baskets, mixes, preserves, liqueurs, and more, you'll find that perfect something for everyone, no matter what their views or inclinations. (Fair warning: cake truffles may convert carnivores in one bite.)

Written by veteran cookbook author Joni Marie Newman, with illustrations by vegan artist Kurt Halsey and photographs by Celine Steen, Vegan Food Gifts shows you just how easy it is to create great homemade gifts that are not only kind and eco-conscious, but delicious too. So whether you are an expert chef or beginner cook, a crafty genius or someone without an artistic bone in your body, you'll find projects that not only suit your skills, but your budget, too. From cheesy potato soup mix to espresso chocolate chip loaves and vanilla mint vodka, you can skip the dreaded "What to buy?" and replace it with "Can't wait to make!".

Be the hit of the bake sale, the darling of the holidays, the hostess with the mostest, and more.

We guarantee gift - giving never tasted so good.

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