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The Vegan Scoop by Wheeler Del Torro (Paperback)

The Vegan Scoop brings the pleasures of the ice cream parlour into your home with 150 recipes for delicious frozen desserts that are so rich and creamy, they’re better than the “real” thing—and contain one third of the calories.

Developed by vegan hipster Wheeler Del Torro of Wheeler’s Frozen Desserts, these “faux” creams feature 100 percent vegan-certified ingredients, making them suitable for both vegans and those with lactose intolerance and other dairy aversions. And with each serving containing approximately 80 calories—nearly 100 calories fewer than a serving of traditional ice cream—you can indulge with peace of mind (and keep your trim waistline).

Chapters are devoted to innovative flavour “inspirations,” and cover everything from Caribbean & island flavors to healthy flavours and aphrodisiacal flavours. You’ll also find two chapters full of recipes for toppings, sauces, sides, and other dessert accompaniments.

Recipes include:

  • Peanut butter banana
  • Black sesame
  • Chocolate marshmallow
  • Almond cookie
  • Orange passion fruit
  • Granola crunch
  • Pecan apple danish
  • Espresso bean
  • Vanilla graham cracker

and hundreds more!

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