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We are always looking for ways to offer more of our products in great combinations which save you money. Our packs are designed as gifts or personal treats to get your vegan essentials, no matter how new to veganism or experienced you are, there will be something to meet your needs.

*Until May 31st, buy 3 Charts and get a Vegan Society Jute Bag free*

Vegan Starter Pack

New to veganism?

Looking for a great place to start?

We have put together a Vegan Starter Pack to help...(Read More)

Vegan Travel Pack

Interested in travelling?

Going away soon and looking to promote veganism?

We have put together a Vegan Travel Pack to...(Read More)

Travel Book Pack

Individual Prices: £26.93 (RRP Total £33.90) - Pack Price: £19.99(Read More)

Vegan Recipe Book Pack

RRP: £22.99 - Our price: £10(Read More)