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Farming to nourish people

The 2013 Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign on the causes of hunger was facilitated by Bond, the UK membership body for organisations working in international development. With members ranging from household names to community-based organisations, Bond is a dynamic and diverse network supporting less-developed countries globally. As a member of Bond, The Vegan Society offers stockfree farming and plant-based diets as a potential solution for citizens of the Minority World to consider. 

Our Advocacy Officer, Amanda Baker, wrote an article for the Jan-Mar 2014 issue of Bond's The Networker magazine.

"Compassion for humans, compassion for animals, and hard-headed good resource management are all pointing in the same direction. If we can facilitate this emerging ‘rich’ cultural shift toward plant-centred diets, demand for the products of animal farming will steadily fall."

"Land grabs will become much less financially attractive. More of the global harvest can be allocated to feeding humans directly. Communities will be able to re-claim local land to secure their own food supply."

"We will be helping to move the world toward more just and sustainable eating and farming patterns. Let’s farm like we want to nourish people."