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Are you looking for up-to-date information regarding all things vegan? Are you tired of reading through magazines only to find minimal vegan content? Well, despair no more! You can subscribe to The Vegan Society's quarterly magazine The Vegan, packed full of vegan content ranging from news, food, interviews, current issues, book reviews and of course, some fabulous and creative recipes. Read about issues as diverse as raw foods, senior nutrition, vegan celebs and vegan festivals - there's always something for everyone. 

This annual subscription will allow you to receive four quarterly copies of The Vegan magazine.

Alternatively, why not become a member of The Vegan Society? Not only does your annual membership include a subscription to The Vegan magazine, over 130 third party discounts, access to the vegan community and some extra goodies, it also adds your voice to ours and strengthens our influence when working with schools, hospitals, government organisations, manufacturers and retailers to make vegan living easier for us all.

If you already have a membership and you subscribe to the magazine, it will override your membership.

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Eco magazine subscriptions cost £12. Printed subscriptions in the UK cost £12. Printed subscriptions outside the UK cost £20.56.
The electronic edition is accessed through the website, where you can view the magazine online or download a pdf. The printed edition is delivered to your address.
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