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Things you can do to further the campaign

There are a number of ways that you can get involved to support Catering For Everyone.

Challenge your council

Council's have an enormous amount of influence on local areas, through local authority schools, leisure centres, libraries, gyms, museums, council offices - many of which will serve food to local residents. 

Find out more and send our template letters, challenging your council to offer more plant-based food.

Write to your local public sector institutions

You can also write to your local institutions, such as schools, hospitals, universities, prisons or workplaces, asking them to provide more plant-based food.

Share your experiences

Our campaign is designed to help those who are struggling to access plant-based food in the public sector, so if you have had a poor experience accessing suitable vegan food, your experiences are invaluable to us.

Alternatively, if your local institutions cater well for vegans or make changes due to the campaign, please do let us know, so we can hold them up as examples of best practice.

You can leave your (good and bad) experiences via our webform.

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