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Big or small, donations are vital to take veganism mainstream

How important is a one-off donation? To us it's incredibly significant, as we receive no goverment funding. Your donations allow The Vegan Society to help tens of thousands of people around the world embrace veganism. By making a single donation on our online shop via this link, giving once through JustGiving or by texting VEGN44 followed by your donation sum in number format: £5, £10, £20, etc. to 70070, you are making this a world a fairer place for people and animals. 

How your donation helps

It's always nice to know where your money is going (and that it's not just paying for vegan cookies in the office). 

Your donation will be used to help us promote veganism in many creative ways, including helping make more vegans (by supporting non-vegans trying to change their lifestyle), helping educate people about the significance of a compassionate lifestyle and helping us change policies to create more options for vegans. 

Your donation also contributes to our outreach work:

  • £1 pays for 100 leaflets to be printed - better than buying a vegan chocolate bar, wouldn't you say?
  • £5 sponsors three Vegan Pledgers for one month - so you'll really be helping people directly.
  • £10 pays for 18 copies of The Vegan magazine to be printed - just think of how many people you'll be stimulating!
  • £25 pays for your Advocacy Officer to support a vegan in a vulnerable situation - helping vegans in hospital or school to get nutritious, appropriate food.
  • £100 pays for attending a Westminster event to influence policy - powerful stuff, hey?
  • £150 pays for a small grant to a local vegan outreach initiative
  • £250 pays for the production of a film like the Meat and Two Veg video.
  • £500 will pay for this year's Volunteer Awards ceremony. 
  • £1,000 almost fully pays for trade event stall to promote the Vegan Trademark - a superb thing to smile about, knowing you've helped us engage with thousands of people.

Every donation we receive - no matter how big or small - makes a huge difference to our work. Donations also help The Vegan Society fund more academic research and create more detailed information about vegan issues, helping raise awareness about the many benefits of a vegan diet.

You can make a single donation right away on our online shop here, on our JustGiving page or by texting VEGN44 with your donation sum in number format: £5, £10, £20, etc.