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Why is evaluation so important?

Evaluation is an essential part of any event supported by The Vegan Society. It helps us understand why people attended events and what they gained from the experience. The information obtained will help us improve future public engagement events and provide evidence of the success of the initiative.

Evaluation Forms

We have three different evaluation forms for you to use or adapt:

  • This one is for you to complete and anyone else involved in organising the event
  • This one is for under 16s and should be used when your audience consists mostly of young people
  • This one is for evaluating all other audiences.

An optional evaluation activity to help you obtain more detailed feedback is also recommended (but takes a little longer). At the beginning of your event, ask participants to write down everything they associate with the word vegan or veganism on this sheet labelled 'Before'. Participants should spend a good few minutes on this. At the end of your event, ask them to now do the very same thing on this sheet labelled 'After' (printed on the reverse if possible). Make sure you collect all the sheets at the end. This is a superb way to discover what participants have learned and if attitudes have changed. Together we can change vegan stereotypes one event at a time!


Please ensure you have printed enough copies of the questionnaires so everyone can complete one at the end of your event. Request that all participants complete one. It's important to try and make the evaluation part of the event so people don't depart before they leave feedback. 

Please collect all completed evaluation forms and analyse them for your report.