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Change your bank and help The Vegan Society

Would you like to save money in a more ethical way and support The Vegan Society at the same time? Now you can! Open an account with Triodos Bank today and when the balance of your account reaches £100, Triodos will donate £40 to The Vegan Society.

Triodos is a different kind of bank

  • It actively finances people and organisations working to make the world a better place culturally, socially and environmentally, including vegan businesses
  • It believes in transparency and ensures you're always made aware of how your money is used
  • It supports The Vegan Society.

Triodos Business Development Manager, Tom Owen, has taken the Vegan Pledge during World Vegan Month:

"I don’t want to sustain a system that causes harm when there is a perfectly good alternative that doesn’t put me at a disadvantage."

Remember to visit Triodos Bank today and begin saving with a more ethical, supportive bank.