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Pirate Party UK : Maria Aretoulaki

"Thank you for reaching out to me and Pirate Party UK.  

Our Policies are based on a) crowd-sourced consultations of all our members and other concerned citizens b) concrete evidence and statistically significant scientific data and c) and most importantly respect of human and animal rights, and the protection of the environment.  

We have already pledged to take action to protect the environment and reverse climate change (cf the CAN campaign).  

We believe in sustainability and long-term thinking: in agriculture and food production, energy generation and consumption, diet and public health. We push for the use of scientific data to decide on issues such as GM crops, fracking, the safety and nutritional value of plant-based proteins.   

At the same time, we also believe in the freedom of every individual to choose and maintain the lifestyle of their choice, be it because of their personal preference or beliefs. Thus, we fully support the protection of a vegan lifestyle in both private and public places and spaces. e.g. schools or the workplace, if one chooses to exercise it.  

I would welcome any further questions you may have.  

Thank you for taking this initiative.  

Best regards, 

Maria Aretoulaki
Twitter: @PiratePUKMaria"


Green Party of England and Wales : Peter Cranie

Response for all Green Party of England and Wales candidates supplied by Caroline Allen (here)


British National Party : Nick Griffin

"Dear Amanda

The British National Party is firmly committed to animal welfare. A minority of our members are vegans or vegetarians and we cater for them at party events.

However, we regard eating meat from livestock animals as normal and as part of traditional British culture, and also see livestock farming as an essential part of proper farming husbandry. We strongly traditional, organic farming methods in the context of family farming and co-operative production, and would institute a land tax to reverse the creeping concentration of land ownership in the hands of fewer and fewer absentee landlords and agribusiness corporations. 

We oppose capitalist corporate land-grabbing, whether here or in the Third World. We also stand against GM food production, which we regard as socially and economically dangerous as well as potentially economically disastrous.

The BNP believes that, in choosing to eat meat, as a society and as individuals, we have a duty to ensure that the animals we eat are reared and killed in the most humane way possible. We are therefore implacably opposed to factory farming, to long distance transport of animals to slaughter and to both halal and kosher ritual slaughter, whose existence we regard as a politically correct stain on Britain's claim to be a nation of animal-lovers.

The BNP believes that Britain should strive to achieve the maximum possible self-sufficiency in food production. This is necessary both for security in an increasingly uncertain world, to ensure that we do not have to rely on food imported at the expense of the poor in other countries. We regard the transport around the world of out-of-season luxuries such as green beans grown on land taken from subsistence farmers by multi-national agribusiness corporations, as wasteful of scarce resources, particularly fossil fuels, and as a factor which produces refugees.

We believe that one of the most fundamental human rights is ridden roughshod over by the present globalist status quo. This is the right of people and peoples to be themselves in their own part of the world, without being forced to emigrate in search of a better live by the poverty which is created as a direct result of a fundamentally flawed fiat money system at the rotten heart of the international banking swindle. 

We also recognise that modern scientific research such as DNA testing confirms absolutely that the English, Irish, Scots and Welsh are overwhelmingly descended from the indigenous people who settled in these islands at the end of the last Ice Age. As such we are every bit as entitled to the special status afforded to all indigenous peoples under United Nations law. Just because our people are classified by the BBC and the State as merely 'white', doesn't mean that we do not have human rights.


As an MEP, Nick Griffin has supported various animal welfare campaigns, participated in meetings of the Parliamentary Intergroup on Animal Welfare, supported campaigns to reform the deeply-flawed EUCommon Fisheries Policy in favour of more sustainable fishing, including an end to bottom trawling. He also initiated a campaign to draw public attention of the scandal of EU regulations for the culling of seals and seabirds for the 'crime' of eating fish."