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Guidance from professionals 

The Vegan Society Advisory Group consists of Advisory Committees specialising in a variety of areas. The voluntary members of these committees are professionals who provide overall strategic advice to the society's council and senior management.

The Research Advisory Committee is the first such fully-formed committee. Members include academics and policy researchers who are experts in their fields and who possess specialist skills and experience.

Members have in the past assisted and advised The Vegan Society:

  • by developing ways to research veganism in the mainstream
  • by developing studies into the benefits of veganism
  • through promoting the opportunity for vegan research projects with their students
  • through finding support for political advocacy and media work

The Vegan Society is now in the process of setting up further Committees:

and plans to establish additional committees in the following fields:

  • Fundraising
  • Health and nutrition
  • Information technology

If you believe you have specialist knowledge and experience to advise The Vegan Society, we would greatly value having you join our Advisory Board. Please email us for more information.