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Are you able to share a specialist skill with us?

Perhaps you’re a social media guru, or a great designer or photographer? Or you have significant marketing experience? Whatever your specific talents or expertise, we’d love for you to use them to the benefit of The Vegan Society, as a specialist volunteer. In turn, the benefits to you can include:

  • expanding your skills and abilities by applying your knowledge to the charity sector
  • enhancing your CV
  • having fun working with like-minded people
  • enjoying the satisfaction of helping The Vegan Society enormously, to the benefit of animals, the environment and fellow humans

We're flexible

You're very welcome to apply your knowledge and abilities only to projects that interest you, suit your schedule or allow you to work from home if practical. Examples of specialist volunteer work include magazine article writing, graphic design, photography, infographics, artwork, illustration, social media, fundraising and many more along these lines.

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