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We know that when you call yourself an animal lover, you really mean it. But have you ever wondered why some people love certain animals and harm others?

We want kindness to all animals to be the Future Normal so we’re encouraging people to reflect on their values and rethink their choices.

On the brand new Future Normal website, you will find content that targets animal lovers and encourages them to think about their connection to other animals. We’re not looking to guilt trip people – instead we want to remind them how wonderful it feels to love all animals equally, and to live according to our values. With your help, we can reach people all over the world and influence long lasting behaviour change to create a kinder future.

You can see a short snippet of one of our campaign films here. The full film is even more thought-provoking and impactful and you can see it on the Future Normal website.

As we aren’t able to get out and talk to people face to face at the moment, we’re relying on media to help us reach as many people as possible with the campaign. We have been running adverts on video on demand channels and social media and we have just unveiled our first ever billboard for the campaign.

We'd be extremely grateful if you could donate to support building the reach of the campaign. We've outlined some of the detail below on how your money will be spent, but would be happy to discuss this in more detail if you'd like to email us at fundraising[at]vegansociety[dot]com.

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Can you help us to encourage people to discover how amazing their relationship with animals could be? Your donation will help spread the campaign message far and wide.

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