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Local Elections 2019


Large parts of England & Wales go to the polls on Thursday 2 May to elect local councillors to represent them locally.

Councils represent voters on a local level and are responsible for providing services and facilities in your area, which can include housing, education, environmental health, leisure, local transport and waste. Councils have responsibility over local-authority schools and other state-run services in the area, such as gyms, museums and leisure centres, a lot of which will provide food to local citizens.

A major thing that local councils can do to help tackle climate change and dietrelated public health crises, whilst also protecting the rights of the ever growing vegan population, is to support our Catering For Everyone campaign. The campaign calls for more and better plant-based options to be served on public sector menus, for example in schools, hospitals, councils and prisons. We have been calling for a change in the law to guarantee a plant-based option on every public sector menu, every day, available to all without anyone having to make a special request. Councils can take the lead in their area and pass a motion committing their council to providing a plant-based option on every menu at institutions under their remit. Councillors and council candidates can also publicly back our campaign and use their influence within the council to encourage local institutions like schools and hospitals to better cater for vegans and the growing number of people who enjoy plant-based food.

We have a list of questions you can ask of your council candidates on this topic here.

You can find who is standing in your local area, along with contact details on this site: https://whocanivotefor.co.uk/

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