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For people who care about their impact on the world

If you believe in a more sustainable lifestyle, in a way of living that is kinder to people and the environment, why not choose a phone and broadband provider that shares your values?

The Phone Co-op is an independent consumer co-operative committed to providing greener and more ethical phone, broadband and mobile services. Being a co-operative, The Phone Co-op aims to deliver the best possible service to its customers, while promoting the well-being of people and minimising impact on the environment. This is achieved by offsetting carbon dioxide emissions, using electricity from renewable sources, recycling 100% of their waste and promoting the use of public transport for business journeys.

The Phone Co-op also contributes towards a better world by investing in renewable energy projects, investing in community projects and partnering with organisations like The Vegan Society.

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The Phone Co-op has honest and transparent pricing with no ‘bill surprises’ at the end of the month. Switch to Superfast Fibre for £28 per month or choose one of their SIM only mobile bundles from £8 per month.

As a member of The Vegan Society, you will receive a £20 credit on your bill and 6% of your spend will go back to supporting The Vegan Society's work.

Simply quote 'The Vegan Society' on the phone by calling 01608 434 040 or switch online and select ‘The Vegan Society’ at the checkout as referral.