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Christian Peoples Alliance : Carl Clark

"We at the Christian Peoples Alliance are all for moving away from animal farming to a more sustainable agricultural alternative, we have seen the demise of Bees and want them protected from the pesticides that are attacking their population.

We support the freedom of Vegans and also would like to move away from animal testing for scientific research which I think is horrendous that they suffer for our vanity and also as you say there are alternatives on medical testing which if elected I would fully support.

I support the health aspects of a more vegetable based diet, as I work with children and youth and see how a rich meat diet has adverse effects on their health, meat now days is farmed in a totally different way to years ago, it is all about plumping the animals up to maximise profits however the farmer can.

I eat meat on occasions but have started to realise that a meat free and dairy free diet have many benefits that we do not take into account.

I hope I have answered some of your questions, I do not class myself as a politician more as a community outreach activist who would champion groups like your own, I am also running my bid for the East of England on my own, with 8 million possible voters that is a massive task so forgive me if I have not answered all your questions. 

Carl Clark"


Liberal Democrats : Andrew Duff

Andrew Duff's detailed response to our Questionnaire can be seen here. The Commmon Agricultural Policy (CAP) document he refers to can be seen here.


Green Party of England and Wales : Rupert Read

"As a long-time advocate of animal rights and welfare - see below - I am delighted to be able to look forward to taking up these issues in the European Parliament. The Green Party is close to winning here in Eastern England - with your help, perhaps we will...

Our Green MEPs have a proven track record working on these issues in the European Parliament. 

Please do have a look at our special Animal Manifesto that we have produced for these elections. As you will see we have a record of action and strong commitment on many animal issues. Please do share the manifesto with your friends and fellow vegans. The European Parliament is a very important venue for animal legislation so it’s vital we get more Greens elected on the 22nd May. 

I am attaching a document which sets out relevant paragraphs from Green Party policy documents, together with some additional comments on your questions.

Rupert Read’s Animal Rights/Welfare Credentials:
- I live a vegan lifestyle (though I make an exception for some aspects of ‘freeganism’: e.g. I will eat vegetarian food that is otherwise going to be thrown away). 
- For many years a member of PETA & VIVA, and of the Green Party Animal Rights group. 
- Former Norfolk hunt-sab: on the eight occasions on which I sabb'ed, there was never a kill.  :-) 
- Frequent participant in demos over the years at places such as Huntingdon Life Sciences.  
- Protester at Hegins Pigeon Shoot in the US (prior to it being banned :-). 
- Key mover in the various initiatives that Norwich Green Party has made on animal rights through the Council chamber: e.g. our motion successfully calling for Norwich to become a ‘foie-gras-free-city’. 
- Author of several ‘pro-animal’ pieces including articles published in the Eastern Daily Press.]

Best wishes,

Rupert Read
Lead Green Party MEP-candidate in the East of England, and national Green Party Transport Spokesperson."  

Additional response for all Green Party of England and Wales candidates supplied by Caroline Allen (here)