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The Vegan Society's charity magazine The Vegan was voted ‘Best Vegan-Friendly Magazine’ at the UK Vegan Awards held at the 2013 West Midlands Vegan Festival. The magazine provides members and subscribers with updates, ideas, motivation and resources four times a year. All of this in a lively, easy-to-read style suitable for vegans of all ages.

Inside recent issues

  • Essential updates on all our recent news
  • Vegan business trends to watch in 2014
  • Is Italy becoming a vegan paradise?
  • SPECIAL REPORT: Launching our new charity brand
  • Shop with confidence with our Vegan Trademark


  • Recipes
  • Letters
  • Volunteers
  • Sports
  • ...and much more!

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Do you have a perfect vegan recipe? How about an article you’ve written, covering a hot topic from a fresh angle? Or perhaps a trip you’ve taken, exploring veganism in different countries? Whatever your passion, combine your love of writing and support the work of The Vegan Society by submitting content to our magazine and see your work in print in our publications.

We welcome articles on a range of topics relating to veganism, as well as recipes, letters, and images. All submissions are given strong consideration, yet unfortunately it's not possible to publish them all. Published submissions may be edited for reasons of space or clarity and the editor’s decision is final. Contact us for more information regarding the donation of your articles or recipes to a good cause.


The Vegan Society is also seeking enthusiastic and motivated volunteers to assist our magazine editor with writing, editing, design, and proofreading tasks for the next issue of The Vegan. If you’re passionate about veganism and looking to gain work experience through volunteering, email us today to find out more.