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Want to help create a more vegan world?

At The Vegan Society we're working tirelessly to advance veganism, make life easier for vegans and help create a more peaceful world. We're getting there but we'd love to get there faster! With your help we can. 

As a charity we receive no government funding and rely on the kindness of our members and supportersWhether you can give a little or a lot, your financial support helps us promote the vegan way of life. You're helping us create more vegans.

Below are eight different ways you can donate and thereby help create a more vegan world.

Donate just £5 a month

Help change the world for £1.25 a week, the price of a cup of coffee. (Read more)

Become a regular donor

Keen to make a real difference to The Vegan Society and veganism? (Read more)

Make a single donation

Help change the world with a single donation of whatever you can afford. (Read more)

Give in celebration

Stuck for what to buy for Christmas or a birthday? We have a great idea. (Read more)

Leave a legacy

Let part of your legacy be a more vegan world. (Read more)

Major gifts

Help shape The Vegan Society's future in a significant way. (Read more)

Donate in memory

A way to remember someone filled with significance. (Read more)

Gift Aid

How to make every penny count with Gift Aid. (Read more)