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Green Party of England and Wales : Will Duckworth

Response for all Green Party of England and Wales candidates supplied by Caroline Allen (here)


English Democrats : Derek Hilling

"Dear Amanda,

I believe that in England we should try to produce and consume much more of the food we eat locally. 

I do not agree with transporting animals large distances to be slaughtered. Slaughtering should be done once animals have been stunned, as per our current 'best practice' regulations. I do not support halal meat and feel that at the very least it must be very clearly labelled. No public bodies should be forced to take halal meat simply because of cost, and if halal meat is used again all users must be very clearly aware of it before consumption of the meat occurs.

I do not support intensive farming methods, particularly of chicken and pigs, who are often kept in exceedingly cramped and inhumane conditions. All farmed animals should be allowed as near a natural lifestyle as possible, as I believe their meat and other products are better.

Animals which are pests or harmful to humans should be killed as quickly as possible.

Kind regards,

Derek Hilling
Email: derekhilling[at]engdem[dot]org"


An Independence from Europe : Mike Nattrass


I have a track record in the parliament standing up for animals.

JUST A FEW examples ............ 

- First to sign against Bull fighting.
- Standing against bear bile farming (disgusting)
- Attacking the shooting of birds in Malta.
Wanting the larger size of chicken cages to be ratified ...after 10 years of having the regulation the Commission would not force compliance on Countries that failed to comply. I organised a petition on that topic complete with leaflet. I was angry.

So yes. Animals cannot vote and someone must stand up for them ...ME.

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