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We introduced the Vegan Trademark in 1990, establishing the world's first internationally-recognised standard for vegan-friendly products and services. Here's what some of our clients have to say about the use of this reputable Trademark.


"We have held the Vegan Trademark for 23 years and applied for it almost immediately." (Read more)

Ms. Cupcake

"As a vegan business, we want to shout our vegan-ness from the rooftops." (Read more)


"Vegans are some of the most dedicated and loyal customers around." (Read more)

PHB Ethical Beauty

"The Trademark has helped increase our sales both locally and abroad." (Read more)


"The team at the Society is fantastic to work with and always very helpful." (Read more)


"The Vegan Trademark has helped increase sales because people trust it." (Read more)

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