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Evidence-based organisation

The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) supports staff and trustees of The Vegan Society by conducting and sharing academic and other research relevant to veganism. Committee members give advice, recommend references and speak on behalf of The Vegan Society at external events and in the media.

Academics can benefit from joining the RAC:

  • reach media and policy audiences more effectively
  • foster cross-disciplinary collaboration e.g. environment and health
  • improve networking with other researchers in the same discipline
  • public engagement & understanding
  • funding opportunities for research or outreach
  • find out more about who is 'becoming vegan'

The involvment of the RAC helps The Vegan Society:

  • link up with Universities and research networks
  • develop study of all angles on the benefits of veganism inc. economics
  • joint funding opportunities for research or outreach
  • influence student research projects on specific areas of interest
  • research support for political advocacy and media work

If you would like more information about becoming a member of the Research Advisory Committee, please contact us. The current members of the Research Advisory Committee are:

Dr Richard Twine (Chair); Dr Samantha CalvertLizzy ColeDr Erika CudworthCatherine DuxburyDr Eva GiraudJess GrölingDr Samantha HurnNatalie JoelleAlex LockwoodDr Juliet MacDonaldSean McCorryDr Bob McKayProf Claire Molloy; Dr Kay PeggsDr Anat PickProf Barry SmartNathan Stephens-Griffin; Dr Tom TylerDr Richard WhiteDr Jeanette Rowley. Co-ordinated by Vegan Society research officer Dr Lorna Marques-Brocksopp.

Relevant research

Nika Škof (below) is a Slovenian research student who visited The Vegan Society for seven months and received guidance from Dr Richard Twine of our Research Advisory Committee. Nika was researching how we can better assist farmers to move towards stock-free farming methods.