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7 Day or 30 Day Pledge?

Everyone wants to feel healthier, lighter and more vibrant. Couple these fantastic benefits with the knowledge that you can also do your best for animals around the world, as well as reducing your effect on the environment. There is a simple action you can take that will have a positive effect not just on you but on many other lives. 

The Vegan Society's 7 Day Pledge or 30 Day Pledge can help you out with simple steps as you investigate and learn more about the benefits of a plant-based diet. You’ll receive advice on all aspects of a vegan diet, which will allow you to really sink your teeth into this lifestyle.

Common questions

Q: Do I need to be vegan to take the pledge?

A: The pledge is intended for people who aren’t vegan but are curious about veganism; or those who may have attempted it before and wish to try again in a more determined manner. If you’re already a vegan why not head over to our Take action pages to discover other ways to become involved.

Q: I ate cake that had dairy in it – do I have to start at the beginning again?

A: Not at all – sometimes even the most careful vegans get tripped up by something. We all do the best we can and just by making a conscious decision to try being vegan for a week or a month you have shown that you are already thinking about your choices differently.

Q: I have a specific question – where can I get help? 

A: Our Resources section is full of lifestyle information, nutrition advice, recipes and answers to frequently asked questions. Yet if you feel you have a question that only a human can answer, then why not contact your local Vegan Society representative, or pop over to our Facebook and Twitter channels?

We've been running the vegan pledge for many years. Over this time we've received countless emails from people saying that it was so much easier than they expected. A great deal of them say they wish they'd tried the lifestyle years ago, as they're so much happier, healthier and more content.

For a lot of us, it's the best decision we ever make.

"@TheVeganSociety I've completed the first week of my Vegan Pledge and I'm very excited about it! Thanks for the tips and advises!!" - Pamela Recalde, 20/05/14