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Read some stories from our Pledge graduates and learn why these new vegans will never go back.

More people than ever are going vegan thanks to our improved 30 Day Vegan Pledge, a free email service which sends daily tips, advice and recipes to help the vegan-curious make the transition as smoothly as possible. But don't just take it from us: read what our Pledgers have got to say.

"The emails felt like a nice person was talking to me. I looked forward to reading them. They gave good, well-rounded reasons for being vegan. I felt like I, as an individual, matter to The Vegan Society. That’s a nice feeling. Thank you!"

- Pledger from Sacramento, California

"I'd like to thank you for your support in helping me transition to veganism. Your daily emails were really helpful and informative, but they were more than just that. Since I don't know any other vegans, these emails were like having a support group and I don't know how well I would have done without them. So thank you so much!" 

- Nadir Ismail

"A massive thank you for your support. My partner and I decided to take the Vegan Pledge as our daughter Alex aged 14‎ has been vegan for 2 years. Since the beginning of the trial both of us have taken the opportunity to think about our lifestyle and we fully intend to continue being vegan. The recipes are great and the constant email encouragement is also brilliant. Thank you again."

- Hendrika Stephens and Jon West

"At first veganism seemed daunting but with your emails it's been great. Ironically, I've eaten a greater variety of foods than when I was a meat eater or vegetarian. And because of that I have really enjoyed my meals for the first time in a long time.

Thanks to The Vegan Society, I'm not going back to my previous lifestyle, and I am now proud to say I'm a vegan. I have also encouraged a friend of mine to try out veganism too, and my mum is also slowly transitioning!

Thank you for showing me that veganism is an awakening, not an ending."

- Charley Farmilo

"I wanted to say thanks for providing the resources and guidance that are so useful for baby vegans. Your site has really helped to open my eyes to what food and products are available, and to issues that I might not otherwise have considered.

Thank you for showing me that veganism is not about being perfect and putting yourself on a pedestal, but doing what you can in a responsible but achievable and healthy way in order to try and make a difference."

- Willow Swiatek

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