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Food shopping as a vegan

As veganism becomes more mainstream the variety of food products available is growing enormously. Your local supermarket has everything you need to fill your fridge, freezer and cupboards (this list will help you find out which items of food and drink are vegan in UK supermarkets). Even better, if there's a specialist vegan store nearby (find out here) you’ll have an easier time finding vegan versions of things like cheese, bacon and ice cream. Look out for The Vegan Society's Vegan Trademark, which tells you at a glance that you're good to go. You can search through all our Trademarked products online here, while the list below outlines which vegan-friendly online shops operate in your country. If you want to know where to get vegan clothing and shoes, head to our fashion section.

Australia: Vegan OnlineVegan Perfection Green Edge Online Funky Pies
Austria: Veganversand
Belgium: Veganistisch koken
Canada: The Vegan ArtisanVegan Supply
Europe: Boutique Vegan, Veggie-Shop24, Buy Wholefoods Online
France: The Vegan ShopUn Monde Vegan, Official Vegan Shop
Germany: Alles-vegetarischVeganz Kokku, Tofukind
Holland: Veggie Deli (delivers to Belgium too), Veggie4u
Hong Kong: One Vegan Shop
India: Vegalyfe
Ireland: Plant Goodness and more
Italy: iVegan
New Zealand: The Cruelty Free Shop
Portugal: Efeito Verde
Singapore: Super Nature
South Africa: Faithful To Nature
South America: Todo Vegano (finds vegan-friendly stores)

Spain: Vegacelona
UK: The Vegan Kind, Vegan StoreAlternative StoresSuma, Ocado, Buy Wholefoods Online

USA: Deja veganVegan Essentials

If you need more help finding out which of your local shop’s products are vegan-friendly, this blog may help.

It’s not just about food

Vegans also avoid using animals for shoes, clothing, household products, toiletries and cosmetics. Be sure to read labels carefully, or look for our Vegan Trademark. This internationally-recognised symbol shows that a product does not contain animal products and has not been tested on animals on behalf of the manufacturer. Becoming vegan simply means swapping old habits for new. Once you’re in the habit of shopping like a vegan, it’s pretty straightforward and you'll encounter stylish vegan-friendly shoes, snazzy vegan-friendly clothes, toiletries and much more. If access to ethical shopping is an issue, you will find everything you need online, including via our Trademark search and shop

Learn from others

Look for friendly vegan social networks in your area. You can do so online, through local shops, community centres and local newspapers. You'll be surprised at how many people in your area have great tips on finding vegan-friendly products and services - and others will benefit from what you know, too. Check out our Local and Group contacts for vegan groups near you.

Pave the way forward

Make life easier for yourself and other vegans by contacting manufacturers and businesses to enquire whether their products are vegan or not. By doing so you’ll not only obtain the most up-to-date information, but you'll also be demonstrating there’s a demand for vegan-friendly products.

You could also suggest that businesses register their products with our Vegan Trademark so that customers can be safe in the knowledge that the product has gone through rigorous checks, ensuring that is definitely is safe for vegans. 

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