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Many people still believe that vegan food is always more expensive than non-vegan food. Whilst some of the latest plant-based alternatives to meat and cheese are exciting, the cost can also add up. We know from experience that being vegan doesn’t have to break the bank. Live Vegan for Less aims to demonstrate a more cost-effective way of preparing nutritious vegan meals, showing that vegan living can be affordable for all.

We have a cost comparison to show that it's still cheaper to consume vegan protein-rich foods and we're continuing to expand our range of simple and affordable recipes, with new blogs for tips on budget vegan living. We're also working alongside popular vegan influencers for a range of budget recipe series, so be sure to stay tuned this summer!

We’ve produced even more resources this year to help you Live Vegan for less, including a budget-friendly three-course summer BBQ menu as well as a weekly student basket developed by our in-house dietitians and a three-course student menu.  

We’ve partnered with Sustainable Kitchen to inspire you with these affordable recipes. Click the individual recipe links for more info!

Overnight oats

Overnight Oats is a great recipe to make the night before, as it’s a healthy breakfast to just grab and eat straight away in the morning

Spicy one pot black bean rice

This one-pot rice dish not only saves you washing up time, but can be easily adapted to use ingredients you already own.

Dark chocolate brownies

These brownies make for a cheap yet decadent dessert, using only a few ingredients, for the fudgiest result!

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